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How can I capture packets in Android?

I would like to capture TCP packets as well as protocol data such as HTTP and HTTPS in Android, similar to Wireshark in Windows.

How can I do this in Android?

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Option 1 - Android PCAP


Android PCAP should work so long as:

Your device runs Android 4.0 or higher (or, in theory, the few devices which run Android 3.2). Earlier versions of Android do not have a USB Host API

Option 2 - TcpDump


Phone should be rooted

Option 3 - bitshark (I would prefer this)


Phone should be rooted

Reason - the generated PCAP files can be analyzed in WireShark which helps us in doing the analysis.

Other Options without rooting your phone

  1. tPacketCapture


Using tPacketCapture is very easy, captured packet save into a PCAP file that can be easily analyzed by using a network protocol analyzer application such as Wireshark.

  1. You can route your android mobile traffic to PC and capture the traffic in the desktop using any network sniffing tool.

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