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Java Question

Why are the 'Arrays' class' methods all static in Java?

I was going through Java documentation, and I learned that methods in the

class in Java are all static. I don't really understand the reason behind why they made it static.

For example, the following code violates the OO approach, because if I have a type, 'X', then all the methods which acts on it should be inside it:

int[] a = {34, 23, 12};

It would be better if they have implemented the following way:

int[] a = {34, 23, 12};

Can anyone explain me a bit on this?


In Java there is no way to extend the functionally of an array. Arrays all inherit from Object but this gives very little. IMHO This is a deficiency of Java.

Instead, to add functionality for arrays, static utility methods are added to classes like Array and Arrays. These methods are static as they are not instance methods.