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How to write in Python from a text file

I'm trying to open a text file and write to the file but when doing so it's not working at all.

Here's what I have:

changeaddress = [changeaddr1, changeaddr2]
address = [address_1, address_2]
new_var = []
cur_addr = 0
with open('address.txt','r+') as file:
for line in file:
if address[cur_addr] in line:
line.replace(address[cur_addr], changeaddress[cur_addr])
cur_addr += 1

with open('address.txt','w') as file:

what I'm doing wrong? it's not working.

Answer Source

Strings are immutable. line.replace returns a new string, not literally replaces it.

new_line = line.replace

Note: storing the whole list in memory will be bad for large files. You can open two files in one with command to read from one file, and write to another