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iOS Question

Issue with popping to a previous view (navigation controller)

The Issue

So, I found (you are familiar with this if you saw my previous question) that i needed to implement a navigation controller stack. So, i replaced a few of my segues to push segues, in order to push these views onto my navigation stack. Unfortunately, in the third view seen in the picture below, i am trying to use the popping feature to return to the previous view. So far, i have used the recommended code to accomplish such, and to no avail. I hope you guys can spot something i can't!

The Code

Below is the action function for a back button on the third view (unfortunately something is messed up in the screen shot, but rest assured there is a white arrow back button).

@IBAction func back(_ sender: AnyObject) {
if let navController = self.navigationController {
navController.popViewController(animated: true)

Answer Source

First, it looks like your NavigationController is not your Initial View Controller. The arrow is pointing at the one in the middle, not the one on the left as I would expect.

As to your follow up question, removing the navigation bar at the top is easy enough.

Just add this to your UIViewControllers:

override func viewWillAppear(animated: Bool) {
    self.navigationController?.navigationBar.hidden = true

As far as I know you have to remove it for each UIViewController in your stack.

One other thing. Your code for "back" can be simplified:

@IBAction func back(sender: AnyObject) {
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