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angularjs - ng-switch does not bind ng-model

I have this repro that show when I click 'Title3' and enter a value in text box although the entered value shows reflected in the UI, when I click the 'click' button nothing is binded for the scope attribute $scope.test.

I don't know what is wrong with ng-switch or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Help is appreciated!!!

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This is a scope inheritance problem due to ng-switch creating its own scope.

One recommendation made often is always to use a dot on models. The reason is that when the controller scope item is an object and not a primitive, sub scopes will create a reference to the initial object. If model is a primitive it will not update the original.

For example:

<input ng-model="test.value" placeholder="pre" type="text" />

Another approach is to use $parent in html model markup:

<input ng-model="$parent.test" placeholder="pre" type="text" />

Using the dot methodology is a good practice to avoid these issues as you don't need to think about deeper nested scopes.

Demo using test.value as model:

Reference regarding dot in models(valuable reading):

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