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iOS Question

iOS Build not reflecting in iTunes Connect

I uploaded iOS build from XCode 8.1 (macOS Sierra), it uploaded successfully but not reflected on iTunes connect
Then I tried same build uploading from Application Loader, it shown me error

"Redundant Binary Upload" error.

So I increased build number and tried uploading it from Application Loader, now it uploaded successfully again but not reflected on store.

Does anyone came across this issue ? Please let me know if I am missing something.

Note: I added all permissions and entitlements.

Answer Source

Usually it will take some time for the binary to be processed before you can select it in itunes connect.

Wait for an email with this title

iTunes Connect: Version 8.8.8 (23) for My Awesome App has completed processing.

Or if your binary have some problem, itunes connect will also contact you with this kind of email

iTunes Connect: Your app "My Awesome App" (Apple ID: 888xxx888) has one or more issues

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