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Change local branch to a different one

I was working on a

branch and I started working on some changes. Unadvertedly I commited these changes to the same branch I was in, that is

Now this branch has locally a few changes that are not on the remote

Turns out our repo system does not allow for pushing changes directly to release branches, but we should create pull requests instead.

So now I have my
(branching remote
) where I would like the changes that are locally on release/1.0 to be.

How can I "move" those changes to this new branch and discard them locally for

Answer Source

You might want to try a git rebase.

Optional Pre-Step:
If you are not sure (or don't know) which branch your bugfix should be based on do the following (because you mentioned that you already have a bugfix/my-branch branch.

$ git branch -m bugfix/my-branch starting-point

First name your branch as what it really is:

$ git branch -m bugfix/my-branch

Then rebase it into the correct position (assuming starting-point)

$ git rebase --onto starting-point release/1.0 bugfix/my-branch

This will move everything between release/1.0 and bugfix/my-branch (all the commits you did) onto the brach were you should have branched off.

And after everything went well you can safely delete the starting-point branch.

$ git branch -d starting-point
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