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C# Question

File contains corrupted data - Package Manager Console

I am trying to follow this article. There is a step which says you need to install

via package manager console(
), this is where I got stuck.
I have been getting an error which says
File contains corrupted data
, shown as below -

enter image description here

I went through this post
but none of the solutions worked for me. I could not find any solution to my problem. What am I doing wrong? How do I make it work?

Another question is, in the article that I am following, there is this picture which shows -
enter image description here

but I got nothing like
in my
package source
. I got only two options - check the above image.

Why is this difference? Is there anything wrong with my visual studio installation?

Answer Source

The problem was with Nuget Package Manager Console.If anyone comes across this problem, then try and update the Nuget Package Manager version, worked in my case.

To update Nuget Package Manager click on Tools -> Extensions and Updates -> Updates
 -> Visual Studio Gallery -> Nuget Package Manager.

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