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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Huge loading time on some pages

Here is my page URL: www.1800-gifts.com/USA/Cake-Delivery and other pages like that all are loading very slow even i have caching , compression enabled, i have tried to call go daddy which is my hosting provider but they do not respond positive.

Developer is telling me that it is a server issue, but i don't find any issues in server it is fine.

This website is developed in asp.net 4.0, database is mssql 2012 r2.
server is VPS, with 2 gb of ram, I have 2 GB data in database, and some table contains more than 100k records.

Please look at my site and give me suggestions, i have checked in google page speed and other tools they are all saying different views.

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I am not sure if this is the cause but if you enable developer mode (F12) and run the site in chrome you will see that the cake-delivery page is the one that is causing the loading time (44s). You will also notice that there are JQuery errors on the page.

This could possibly be part of the problem.

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