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Mongoose and multiple database in single node.js project

I'm doing a Node.js project that contains sub projects. One sub project will have one Mongodb database and Mongoose will be use for wrapping and querying db. But the problem is

  • Mongoose doesn't allow to use multiple databases in single mongoose instance as the models are build on one connection.

  • To use multiple mongoose instances, Node.js doesn't allow multiple module instances as it has caching system in require(). I know disable module caching in Node.js but I think it is not the good solution as it is only need for mongoose.

    I've tried to use createConnection() and openSet() in mongoose, but it was not the solution.

    I've tried to deep copy the mongoose instance( http://blog.imaginea.com/deep-copy-in-javascript/ ) to pass new mongoose instances to the sub project, but it throwing "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded".

I want to know is there anyways to use multiple database with mongoose or any workaround for this problem? Because I think mongoose is quite easy and fast. Or any other modules as recommendations?

Answer Source

One thing you can do is, you might have subfolders for each projects. So, install mongoose in that subfolders and require() mongoose from own folders in each sub applications. Not from the project root or from global. So one sub project, one mongoose installation and one mongoose instance.


In foo_db_connect.js

var mongoose = require('./node_modules/mongoose');
module.exports = exports = mongoose;

In bar_db_connect.js

var mongoose = require('./node_modules/mongoose');
module.exports = exports = mongoose;

In db_access.js files

var mongoose = require("./foo_db_connect.js"); // bar_db_connect.js for bar app

Now, you can access multiple databases with mongoose.

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