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Design Redis database table like SQL?

Suppose my database table structure is like this

id name college address
1 xxx nnn xn
2 yyy nnm yn
3 zzz nnz zn

If i want to get the student details based on the name in sql like this
select * from student where name = 'xxx'
so how its is possible in redis database

Answer Source

Redis, like other NoSQL datastores, has different requirements based on what you are going to be doing.

Redis has several data structures that could be useful depending on your need. For example, given your desire for a select * from student where name = 'xxx' you could use a Redis hash.

redis> hmset xxx id 1 college nnn address xn
redis> hgetall xxx
1) "id"
2) "1"
3) "college"
4) "nnn"
5) "address"
6) "xn"

If you have other queries though, like you want to do the same thing but select on where college = 'xn' then you are going to have to denormalize your data. Denormalization is usually a bad thing in SQL, but in NoSQL it is very common.

If your primary query will be against the name, but you may need to query against the college, then you might do something like adding a set in addition to the hashes.

redis> sadd college.xn xxx
(integer) 1
redis> smembers college.xn
1) "xxx"

With your data structured like this, if you wanted to find all information for names going to college xn, you would first select the set, then select each hash based on the name returned in the set.

Your requirements will generally drive the design and the structures you use.

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