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RStudio Working Directory Error

Updated question with more details:

I am not able to open my R workspace, and getting the following error (in base R, RStudio simply shows the first line of error and then freezes):

Error: value of 'SET_ATTRIB' must be a pairlist or NULL, not a 'list'
During startup - Warning message:
unable to restore saved data in C:\R_Library\A\.RData

Other R Workspaces are loading so definitely it is a corrupt
file issue. The R Workspace is half a GB in size. I am working on a Windows machine (64-bit) with R version 3.1.2.

was running slow, and I decided to save my Workspace and relaod the image. That's when the error message started. It could be due to large data in the environment, but I have handled more data before without any issues.

There is no information available on how to fix this issue. I have some unsaved code in the directory, which is the bare minimum I would want to recover. Any advice will be useful.

Answer Source

Try renaming the file .RData in your R working directory. Start R, and run

load("whatever you renamed .RData to"). 

If this still does not work, try clicking on your renamed R project file. It should open your workspace with an empty environment.

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