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Python Question

Unbind skin in Autodesk Maya

Despite following the Maya command documentation shown here:

import maya.cmds as cmds
cmds.bindSkin( unbind=True ) # While my object is selected.


cmds.bindSkin( 'mySelectedObj', unbind=True ) # Specifying which object to unbind

results in:

Error: RuntimeError: file line 1: No skin partition
found in scene.

I'm also getting the same error in MEL. But the script editor's history shows a
command - and searching on it just keeps leading me back to the bind skin command.

How should I correctly write this command when following the example on the documentation is giving me the error message?

P.S.: My selection is a geo mesh that is skinned to a few joints.

Answer Source

import maya.mel as mel

skinC = mel.eval('doDetachSkin "2" { "1","1" }')

Decided to work around the issue instead by just invoking the mel command that I see in the script editor history. Not ideal but serves my purposes for now.

If anyone knows of a better way or can clue in why following the documentation isn't working, please feel free to chime in.

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