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Freeswitch ACL configuration for remote event socket

I have a FS server running on one server and on a remote server I have a Node JS instance controlling it using node_esl (a Node JS Event Socket library for FS).

Every time I'm sending a request to the server I have the following error:

[WARNING] mod_event_socket.c:2603 IP ::ffff: Rejected by acl ""

FS server has 2 interfaces: one is using a public IP and the second one is on a private network (

I checked the acl.conf.xml file and event_socket.con.xml and I do not see anything special so far.

One last thing: this is a dev environment and FS is running in a VM (VirtualBox). The interface used for the VM is and the GW is
So this might be a NAT issue if not an ACL issue (or both).

Do you have any idea of what the ACL configuration should be?

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I found out why: ACL was not really that well configured. The one used was not opening the right connection for event_socket. So either Event_Socket was opened for local use only or for external use only. Had to recreate a new ACL with local access opened (necessary if you want to use fs_cli) and adding the IPs of the controlling servers.

Thx for your suggestion regarding IPv6, I tested it earlier and found out it has no effect on my "issue"

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