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C# Question

Regex for Passport Number

I am trying to implement regex validation for passport number.

My requirement is

  1. Length should be minimum 3 characters to a maximum of 20 characters.

  2. Should not be only 0's

I tried with the below regular expression


This seems to work for most of the cases, but incase my text contains 3 or more leading zeros, it seems to fail. Such as '00000001'.

Example Matches

  • 101AE24 - Working as expected

  • 00 - Not working as expected

  • 01234 - Working as expected

  • 00001 - Not working (But it should also be match)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Rob Rob
Answer Source

What about this?


Instead of saying 'reject values with 3-20 zeros', we can just say 'reject anything that only contains zeros (regardless of the length, since <3 and >20 fail anyway)

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