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Nuget version not correct?

I have a project that i cannot compile. When i try to do so I get the following error:

The 'Microsoft.Bcl.Build 1.0.14' package requires NuGet client version '2.8.1' or above, but the current NuGet version is '2.7.41115.310'.

Normally this would be simple. After searching I found this guide:

That explains how I can upgrade my Nuget client version. However, when i follow those steps, I find that I am already using the latest version of Nuget: 2.8.5

For some reason however, Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate is using an older version, and I don't understand why.

My install of Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 is a fresh install, after unninstalling Visual Studio for Web Express 2012. The previous version was giving me a considerable amount of problems and so I deleted it and moved on to 2013. I wonder if some cofig files were passed through, but I cant be sure.

How can I fix this problem?

Answer Source

So, after searching around I found no answers, so I decided to look into the project folders. It happens that I have the main version of NuGet.exe, 2.8.5 in main folder, but the project was nowhere near that main folder.

This way, when I downloaded the project it simply used the NuGet version pulled from TFS (or so I assume), and that was the problem - that verison was Nuget.exe 2.7.4.

After replacing the "Nuget.exe" files (found in /.nuget folder of the project) the project finally compiled and everythign started working again.

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