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How to create new Row's without JPA consider it an update?

I'm working in a project right now, here is a piece of code:

public boolean getAll() {
TypedQuery<Tag> query = em.createQuery("SELECT c FROM Tag c WHERE (c.tagName !=?1 AND c.tagName !=?2 AND c.tagName !=?3) ", Tag.class);
query.setParameter(1, "Complete");
query.setParameter(2, "GroupA");
query.setParameter(3, "GroupB");

List<Tag> Tag= query.getResultList();

But when I try to do something like this:

Tag.get(2).setTagName = "Hello";

It considers it to be an update instead of a create? How can I make JPA understand that it's not database related, to detach the chains with the Database and create new register only changing its name for example?

Thanks a lot for any help!
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Using the
just before changing it values and persisting each of the list worked just fine!

Thanks everyone!

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The decision whether to update or create a new entity object is done based on the primary key. You're probably using an ID on every object. Change or remove it and persist then. This should create a new entry.

If that doesn't work, you might need to detach the object from the Entity Manager first:


and persist it afterwards:


You can also force an update instead of creation by using


There is no equivalent for forced creation AFAIK. persist will do both depending on PK.