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Rails 5 - turbolinks 5,some JS not loaded on page render

I have a Rails app, I recently updated to

. Most of the transition went smooth, but I'm having some trouble with the new Turbolinks. In my app I for example use this gem:

gem 'chosen-rails'

file looks like this:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery.turbolinks
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require best_in_place
//= require tether
//= require bootstrap
//= require chosen-jquery
//= require_tree .
//= require turbo links

When I click on a link and render a view my
doesn't work as well) doesn't work in the initial load, but if I make a hard refresh of the page then it works. Below is an image of the result I'm getting:

How it looks now

And here is an image of how I want it to look:

enter image description here

Again, the expected look works if I make a hard refresh of the page, but not after a regular
redirect_to ...

The code for my dropdown looks like this:

= select_tag :screen, options_from_collection_for_select(@screens, "id", "name"), id: "screen-selection", prompt: "Jump to screen", class: 'form-control chosen-select', style: "max-width: 250px !important"

After a
it results in the following HTML:

<select name="screen" id="screen-selection" class="form-control chosen-select" style="max-width: 250px !important">[...]</select>

... and after a hard page reload I get this:

<select name="screen" id="screen-selection" class="form-control chosen-select" style="max-width: 250px !important; display: none;">[...]</select>

<div class="chosen-container chosen-container-single" style="width: 190px;" title="" id="screen_selection_chosen"><a class="chosen-single"><span>Jump to screen</span><div><b></b></div></a><div class="chosen-drop"><div class="chosen-search"><input type="text" autocomplete="off"></div><ul class="chosen-results"><li class="active-result result-selected" data-option-array-index="0" style="">Jump to screen</li><li class="active-result" data-option-array-index="1" style="">tests</li></ul></div></div>

In a
file I try to initialise
like this:

# enable chosen js
width: '190px'

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Answer Source

With turbolinks the javascript is only loaded once. On the hard refresh chosen works because the entire page is re-rendered. Once you click a link, turbolinks hijacks the request and turns it into an ajax one (instead of a full page refresh). Once the request comes in, turbolinks only replaces the body of the page, leaving the JS in the same state it was.

To fix this you will need to wrap your chosen initializer the turbolinks:load event like so

$(document).on('turbolinks:load', function() {
    width: '190px'

For more information, see

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