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PHP Question

Getting all entries who's Birthday is today in PostgreSQL

I have the following query, I need to implement a Mailer that needs to be send out to all clients who's Birthday is today, this happens on a daily manner, now what I need to achieve is only to select the Birthday clients using a Postgres SQL query instead of filtering them in PHP.

The date format stored in the database is YYYY-MM-DD eg. 1984-03-13

What I have is the following query

SELECT cd.firstname,
FROM client_contacts AS cd
JOIN clients AS c ON = cd.client_id
WHERE SUBSTRING(birthdate,6) = '07-20';

Are there better ways to do this query than the one I did above?

Answer Source

You could set your where clause to:

    DATE_PART('day', birthdate) = date_part('day', CURRENT_DATE)
    DATE_PART('month', birthdate) = date_part('month', CURRENT_DATE)
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