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Nothing at all happens when running cordova prepare ios

I am in a ionic app at its root folder. I have a config.xml file and am having trouble getting it to build. I had no issues a few weeks ago, but I've screwed something up on my system I think. I have reinstalled both cordova and ionic and re-pulled the repo.

However, when I run

ionic prepare ios --verbose
literally nothing happens.

This is the only output:

ConfigXml.setConfigXml /Users/ben/code/project/app resetContent=true, errorWhenNotFound=false

ANY guidance as to what I should try next is very much appreciated.

cordova version is

npm version is

node version is

ionic version is

cordova platform ls

Installed platforms: ios 3.9.1
Available platforms: amazon-fireos, android, blackberry10, browser, firefoxos, webos

Answer Source

As mentioned in this thread on Github, there is an issue in Node v5 that makes ionic prepare fail.

In order to solve it you can try a couple of things.

One would be to update your cordova installation to version 5.4 or later, since it includes a fix for the Node v5 problem. You can do that using following code:

npm install -g cordova

The other suggested solution in the link is to reset the state of your ionic installation. Be aware that issuing this command will do following (as specified in Ionic-cli github page):

The ionic state reset method will first remove your platforms and plugins folders. Then it will look at your package.json file to re-install the platforms and plugins as specified there.

This command can be helpful for you to reinstall your plugins and platforms to get a fresh start.

If you are willing to try, you can do it with following command:

ionic state reset

Personally I would try first to upgrade Cordova.

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