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Getting all Permissions from APK, Android 6

With Android 6's dynamic permissions, is it possible to get all the permissions an APK requires from a compiled apk?

The problem is that in our project, we sometimes add third party libraries to our project, and sometimes they require more permissions than our app initially required. I would like to be able to detect such situations at the CI build stage.

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"Dynamic permissions" (a.k.a., runtime permissions) do not change anything. They all still have <uses-permission> elements in the manifest. aapt dump permissions, or reading in the merged manifest, will tell you what is requested by your current manifest.

This does not help with libraries that do not publish a manifest in their AARs that contain the <uses-permission> elements required by the library. Hopefully, the authors of such a library document what they are expecting and you are adding the <uses-permission> elements to your own manifest.

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