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Javascript Question

Easiest way to convert month name to month number in JS ? (Jan = 01)

Just want to covert Jan to 01 (date format)

I can use

but looking for another way...

Any suggestion?

Answer Source

Just for fun I did this:

function getMonthFromString(mon){
   return new Date(Date.parse(mon +" 1, 2012")).getMonth()+1

Bonus: it also supports full month names :-D Or the new improved version that simply returns -1 - change it to throw the exception if you want (instead of returning -1):

function getMonthFromString(mon){

   var d = Date.parse(mon + "1, 2012");
      return new Date(d).getMonth() + 1;
   return -1;

Sry for all the edits - getting ahead of myself

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