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Webpack angularjs copy angularjs templates but don't include in javascript bundle

What I'm trying to do is configure webpack in a way that would copy all the partial html templates that are required in angular 1.x directives etc. into a separate folder (just like the file-loader does for assets referenced from css). I don't want the partial htmls to be included in my javascript bundle but rather have all of them in one folder with hashed names.

I tried configuring the file-loader to do it but when I run webpack in watch mode it also copies the those html in the dist folder again to it appending a new hash and essentially makes an infinite loop as every new html that shows up in that folder is copied, thus a new html appears and again and again. I tried to set an

matching pattern for that loader but webpack was still running constantly watching over that folder.

Here is the excerpt of my

module: {
loaders: [
test: /\.html$/,
exclude: /bundle\/templates/,
loader: `file-loader?name=bundle/templates/[name]-[hash].[ext]

is there a loader that would help me do what I want without resorting to hacks?

Answer Source

Ok I have found the answer. The problem wasn't the file-loader which is configured correctly like this even without the exclude. What caused the infinite loop was a dynamic require that created a regex that matched those copied assets too... So by setting a proper context for this dynamic require the problem was resolved.

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