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CSS Question

Selector for subsequent sibling of element containing specific item

Is there a css way to select elements of X type which are after element Y type containing Z type elements?

Given the following html, i could only after the Z type, not after the Y type containing Z.

.y .z:after {
color: green;
/* x is not green because it's after y, not z */

<span class="y">
<span class "z">
<span class="x">

Answer Source


Because there is no method of selecting UP the DOM...yet.

There is, under CSS3, no parent selector or previous sibling selector.

CSS4 offers the :has selector in which case you would be able to use

.y:has( > .z) + .x

However, at present, no browsers support this selector.

Note: The ::after 'element' is, in fact, a pseudo-element, not a selector, used primarily, for styling purposes for inserting "content" inside the element to which the ::after pseudo-element is attached.

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