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Perl fast CGI : do you ever exit the loop?

Consider the standard Perl fast CGI script:


use CGI::Fast;

# Init handler

while (my $cgi = CGI::Fast->new)
# Handle request

# Do you ever get here?

Do I ever exit the loop and get a chance to do some cleanup?

What happens when the server throws out the test.fpl script because the time limit has been exceeded?

Answer Source

Not normally, but it is possible.

CGI::Fast::new is:

sub new {
    my ($self, $initializer, @param) = @_;

    if ( ! defined $initializer ) {
        $Ext_Request ||= _create_fcgi_request( $in_fh,$out_fh,$err_fh );
        return undef unless $Ext_Request->Accept >= 0;
    $self->_setup_symbols(@CGI::SAVED_SYMBOLS) if @CGI::SAVED_SYMBOLS;
    return $CGI::Q = $self->SUPER::new($initializer, @param);

As you can see, it can return false if $Ext_Request->Accept (where $Ext_Request is an FGCI::Request object) returns a negative number.

Drilling down gets us to a one of two C functions called OS_Accept, one for unix, and one for Windows. They are primarily wrappers for the accept system call.

accept primarily fail if it's interrupted by a signal or if the process runs out of resources (sockets or memory). Most other reasons would be the result of a bug in the code.

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