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Javascript Question

Re-enable right click so that I can inspect HTML elements in Chrome

I am looking at a webpage which has overwritten the right-click button so to display its own popup HTML element.

This prevents me from using Chrome Developer Tools to inspect elements.

Does anybody know a javascript snippet I could inject from the Chrome Console
to re-enable the right-click

I am okay to break the existing 'right-click' functionality, so to be able to inspect the HTML elements easily


Answer Source

If they have just changed the oncontextmenu handler (which is the most straightforward way to do it), then you can remove their override thus:

window.oncontextmenu = null;

Otherwise, if it is attached to individual elements, you can get all the page's elements, and then remove the handler on each one:

var elements = document.getElementsByTagName("*");
for(var id = 0; id < elements.length; ++id) { elements[id].oncontextmenu = null; }

Or, it seems you can turn off such scripts; via an extension in Chrome or an option in Firefox - in the advanced box for javascript options, switch off 'Disable or replace context menus'.

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