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storing arraylist from existing arraylist in android

Below is the List Class.

public class Abc {

String pincode, state, name, phNo;

public Abc(String pincode, String state, String name, String phNo) {
this.pincode = pincode;
this.state = state; = name;
this.phNo = phNo;

public String getPincode() {
return pincode;

public void setPincode(String pincode) {
this.pincode = pincode;

public String getState() {
return state;

public void setState(String state) {
this.state = state;

public String getName() {
return name;

public void setName(String name) { = name;

public String getPhNo() {
return phNo;

public void setPhNo(String phNo) {
this.phNo = phNo;

I am adding the data to the list.

List<Abc> abcs = new ArrayList<>();
List<Abc> customList = new ArrayList<>();
abcs.add(new Abc("600025", "Delhi", "gambhir", "565632552"));
abcs.add(new Abc("600026", "Punjab", "yuvi", "565632553"));
abcs.add(new Abc("600027", "Punjab", "bhajji", "565632554"));
abcs.add(new Abc("600028", "Delhi", "kohli", "565632555"));
abcs.add(new Abc("600029", "Karnataka", "dravid", "565632556"));
abcs.add(new Abc("600030", "Delhi", "rohit", "565632557"));
abcs.add(new Abc("600031", "Kerla", "sreeshanth", "565632558"));

I need a separate list who lives in Delhi how to achieve this logic.
I tried like this

for (int i = 0; i < abcs.size(); i++) {

But in my customList no data is added. Can anyone help me.

Answer Source

This condition


should be


because you'r storing state name in second parameter and in "name" variable there is not value for "Delhi"

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