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php - iconv convert from UTF-8 to Windows-1250 doesn't work

hi guys. I've always had problems with iconv. Now I must convert string to Windows-1250 and this doesn't seems to work:

$string = "ľaľa ho papľuha, ogrcal mi krpce!";
echo $string . ' ( ' . mb_detect_encoding($string) . ' ) <br>';
$string_encoded = iconv( mb_detect_encoding( $string ), 'Windows-1250//TRANSLIT', $string );
echo $string_encoded . ' ( ' . mb_detect_encoding($string_encoded) . ' ) <br>';
$string_encoded = mb_convert_encoding( $string, 'Windows-1250' );
echo $string_encoded . ' ( ' . mb_detect_encoding($string_encoded) . ' ) <br>';

The three echos above output exactly this:

ľaľa ho papľuha, ogrcal mi krpce! ( UTF-8 )
�a�a ho pap�uha, ogrcal mi krpce! ( )
mb_convert_encoding() Unknown encoding &quot;Windows-1250&quot; ( ASCII )

Since I've always seen this diamond question marks I wonder if this php function works at all. How can I convert UTF-8 to Windows-1250 ?

  • The file was saved in notepad++ in UTF-8

  • Also I've tried header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=windows-1250'); and setLocale()

Answer Source

The � character is an indication that your text is being interpreted as UTF-8, but at this point an invalid byte sequence was encountered. Meaning, you're not serving UTF-8, yet the client is reading it as UTF-8. Which would imply that iconv is working just fine and whoever is reading the result just didn't get the message that it should be interpreting it as Windows-1250.

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