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ASP.NET (C#) Question

What is the difference between using a .svc file and hosting the WCF service in 'WCF Service Host'?

Ive written a service and it has a .svc file. I can browse to this service but this seems to be a strange way of doing it. Im wondering whether is okay to produce a service using a .svc file or should we be looking at using the WCF Service Host and setting up the bindings etc....

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An svc file is for when you're hosting within IIS (it can now host without these in .NET 4.0). Unless you have a reason to self host I'd strongly recommend sticking with IIS (WAS) as it provides so much of the hosting infrastructure for "free".

UPDATE (11/16): Updated broken link to point to a comparative ASP.NET forums post. Previous link was here in case it comes back to life sometime in the future.

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