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Git Hub Clone All Branches At Once

I'm trying to clone an entire repository onto my machine using linux. I used

git clone <url>

I then went into the folder where it was downloaded and typed

git branch

in the terminal. It's only showing me master and not other branches which were in the remote repository. How do I clone all branches?

I know that for each branch in the remote I can separately use

git checkout -b <name of local branch> origin/<name of remote branch>

but is there any way other than that?

Answer Source

(1) Inside git local repostitory, create a new sh file


(2) Insert the below content to file:

for branch in `git branch -a | grep remotes | grep -v HEAD | grep -v master `; do
   git branch --track ${branch#remotes/origin/} $branch

(3) Get all branches:

chmod +x    

(4) Check result at local repository:

git branch

For example, I use repository:

As you can see, I have been fetched all branches to local machine:

enter image description here

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