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CSS Question

CSS display: none; href

I have this code:

<ul class="nav nav-tabs nav-freetime">

<li class="active">
<a class="btn-nav-tab" href="#mod2" data-toggle="tab">Bar El Gordo</a>

<a class="btn-nav-tab" href="#mod3" data-toggle="tab">'La Tabernilla'</a>
<a class="btn-nav-tab" href="#mod4" data-toggle="tab">Restaurante La Muralla</a>

i tried to use

.nav .btn-nav-tab{ display: none; }

but it hides everything and I want it to only hide mod1.
I try to

a[href="#mod1"]{ display: none; }

but didnt work

Answer Source

In this example, you could use either nth-child (MDN documentation) or last-child (MDN documentation)

.nav li:last-child {display: none}


.nav li:nth-child(3) {display: none}
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