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Java Question

How can I get the page number for a specific field in iText?

How can I get from which page is the field coming from?

PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(path);
AcroFields fields = reader.getAcroFields();
Set<String> fieldNames = fields.getFields.keySet();
for(String fieldName : fieldNames)
String fieldValue = fields.getField(fieldName);
//get page number for this field

Answer Source

You need the getFieldPositions() method. One field can correspond with more than one widget annotation. For instance, a field with name fieldName can be visualized on different pages, hence the method returns a List.

So if you want to get the page of the first (or only) item, you need:

int page = form.getFieldPositions(name).get(0).page;

By the way: the coordinates can be found like this:

Rectangle rectangle = form.getFieldPositions(name).get(0).position;
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