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Cannot find '.xcworkspace' after pod install

I'm very new to iOS developing, so any help is appreciated!

So I basically installed Cocoapods, installed pod Stripe and basically had issues going forward. I ended up deleting the files for my project, .xcworkspace, Pods folder, my original project, etc. I wanted to start completely over to make it easier and not complicate things more.

I basically created a new .xcodeproj from a Parse Starter Project. I got set up on Heroku and then I went to install the pod Stripe. I did 'pod install' and it said everything was good and to use the '.xcworkspace' going forward. So I figured everything was fine. I went to look for the '.xcworkspace' file and it's nowhere to be found on my computer.

Then I went back to Terminal and did 'pod install' again, I'm getting a new message that doesn't include 'use the .xcworkspace file going forward'.

Attached are screenshots of TerminalPodfileFiles In Finder

Any help so I can get Stripe up and running is appreciated!! Thank you!!

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If you could start over again , do that.

After creating a new XcodeProject project in your downloads folder named Thrill

Open TERMINAL , navigate to your project.

Instead of

cd Users/deborah/Downloads/Thrill/Thrill.xcodeproj


cd ~/Downloads/Thrill

1.) Run pod init

Never open your PodFile with TextEdit , use some other editor for eg. sublimeText2

If you are already using cocoapods integrate parse using cocoapods only no need to import their frameworks separately .

Your podfile :-


  target 'Thrill' do

  pod 'Parse' 
  pod 'Stripe'
  pod 'PaymentKit'    


This should install both parse and bolts for you in your Thrill project

2.) Run pod install ...

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