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How can I preview a merge in git?

I have a git branch (the mainline, for example) and I want to merge in another development branch. Or do I?

In order to decide whether I really want to merge this branch in, i'd like to see some sort of preview of what the merge will do. Preferably with the ability to see the list of commits that are being applied.

So far, the best I can come up with is

merge --no-ff --no-commit
, and then
diff HEAD

Answer Source

I've found that the solution the works best for me is to just perform the merge and abort it if you don't like the results. This particular syntax feels clean and simple to me. If you want to ensure you don't mess up your current branch, or you're just not ready to merge regardless of the existence of conflicts, simply create a new sub-branch off of it and merge that.

Strategy 1: When you definitely want to merge, but only if there aren't conflicts

git checkout mybranch
git merge some-other-branch

If git reports conflicts (and ONLY IF THERE ARE conflicts) you can then do:

git merge --abort

If the merge is successful, you cannot abort it (only reset).

If you're not ready to merge, use the safer way below.

Strategy 2: The safer way – merge off a temporary branch:

git checkout mybranch
git checkout -b mynew-temporary-branch
git merge some-other-branch

That way you can simply throw away the temporary branch if you just want to see what the conflicts are. You don't need to bother "aborting" the merge, and you can go back to your work -- simply checkout 'mybranch' again and you won't have any merged code or merge conflicts in your branch. This is basically a dry-run.

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