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SFTP in Python? (platform independent)

I'm working on a simple tool that transfers files to a hard-coded location with the password also hard-coded. I'm a python novice, but thanks to ftplib, it was easy:

import ftplib

info= ('someuser', 'password') #hard-coded

def putfile(file, site, dir, user=(), verbose=True):
upload a file by ftp to a site/directory
login hard-coded, binary transfer
if verbose: print 'Uploading', file
local = open(file, 'rb')
remote = ftplib.FTP(site)
remote.storbinary('STOR ' + file, local, 1024)
if verbose: print 'Upload done.'

if __name__ == '__main__':
site = '' #hard-coded
dir = './uploads/' #hard-coded
import sys, getpass
putfile(sys.argv[1], site, dir, user=info)

The problem is that I can't find any library that supports sFTP. What's the normal way to do something like this securely?

Edit: Thanks to the answers here, I've gotten it working with Paramiko and this was the syntax.

import paramiko

host = "" #hard-coded
port = 22
transport = paramiko.Transport((host, port))

password = "THEPASSWORD" #hard-coded
username = "THEUSERNAME" #hard-coded
transport.connect(username = username, password = password)

sftp = paramiko.SFTPClient.from_transport(transport)

import sys
path = './THETARGETDIRECTORY/' + sys.argv[1] #hard-coded
localpath = sys.argv[1]
sftp.put(localpath, path)

print 'Upload done.'

Thanks again!


Paramiko supports SFTP. I've used it, and I've used Twisted. Both have their place, but you might find it easier to start with Paramiko.