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download an entire directory using wget

I am trying to download the files for a project using wget as the SVN server for that project isn't running anymore and I am only able to access the files thorugh browser.
The base URLs for all the files is the same like -*

How can I use wget or any other tool to download all the files in this repository where the "tzivi" folder is the root-folder and there are several files and sub-folders(upto 2 or 3 levels) under it.

Answer Source

You may use this in shell:

wget -r --no-parent

The Parameters are:

-r     //recursive Download


--no-parent // Don´t download something from the parent directory

I forgot something important.

If you dont want to download the entire content, you may use:

-l1 //just download the directory (tzivi in your case)

-l2 //download the directory and all level 1 subfolders ('tzivi/something' but not 'tivizi/somthing/foo')  

And so on. If you insert no -l option, wget will use -l 5 automatically.  
If you insert a -l 0 you´ll download the whole internet, because wget will follow every link it finds.
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