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Error: could not find function “rxGetOption” in Revolution R Open

I downloaded and installed Revolution R Open. Current Version of R is 3.1.1 (2014-07-10) -- "Sock it to Me" and version of Revolution R Open is 8.0 beta. I have started basic tutorial from converting data to .xdf format(internal to Revolution).

myTrainCsv <- file.path(rxGetOption("data"), "train.csv")

However I receive a following error:

Error in file.path(rxGetOption("data"), : could not find function

It seems to me a newbie error. Anyway I can not find an answer just googling it. Please, help me to resolve the issue with the error.

Answer Source

Revolution R Open is an open source distribution of R, adding the fast MKL math libraries.

The function rxGetOption() and the XDF big data functionality is part of RevoScaleR and only available in Revolution R Enterprise (RRE).

If you are a student or at an academic institution, then you might qualify for the free academic license. The academic license allows you full access to all the features in RRE, including the XDF big data features in RevoScaleR.

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