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Java Question

Should I consider the Simple XML Framework for Java?

Lately the Simple XML Framework gained popularity and some sites are presenting it.

I am thinking about replacing Apache Xerces-J with a new framework and I am considering Simple to be its successor.

Do you have any experiences with Simple?

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Is it recommended for the use with enterprise software/within a servlet container or application server?

Answer Source

JAXB is the enterprise standard for converting objects to/from XML. There are many implementations: Metro (the reference implementation included in Java SE 6), EclipseLink MOXy (I'm the tech lead), Apache JaxMe (no longer maintained), etc.

In terms of enterprise, JAXB is part of Java EE 5 and Java EE 6. It is the binding layer for both Java Web Service standards: JAX-WS (SOAP) and JAX-RS (REST). This means it is supported by all the application server vendors: Oracle, IBM, SAP, JBoss, etc.

All JAXB implementations are also well supported in Spring:

For a comparison of JAXB and Simple check out:

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