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Java Question

Split strings based on single occurrence of delimiter but not double in Java

How to split a string using single occurrence of a delimiter disregarding multiple occurrences?

For example, if the string contains

aaa, bbb,,ccc, ddd

I would like to split the string as follows:




Tried using Regex with split() but unable to acquire the desired result.

Came across the solution in Javascript here: Split string with a single occurence (not twice) of a delimiter in Javascript. Is it possible to achieve the same in Java, with or without Regex?

Answer Source

String.split() accepts regular expressions as delimiters so you could use the following pattern :


This regex matches a comma that is neither preceded nor followed by a comma.

You can see it in action here :

If you want to trim the leading spaces at the same time you can use (?<!,),(?!,) * as mentioned by Nicolas Filotto.

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