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How to get URI from an asset File?

I have been trying to get the URI path for an asset file.

uri = Uri.fromFile(new File("//assets/mydemo.txt"));

When I check if the file exists I see that file doesn't exist

File f = new File(filepath);
if (f.exists() == true) {
Log.e(TAG, "Valid :" + filepath);
} else {
Log.e(TAG, "InValid :" + filepath);

Can some one tell me how I can mention the absolute path for a file existing in the asset folder

Answer Source

There is no "absolute path for a file existing in the asset folder". The content of your project's assets/ folder are packaged in the APK file. Use an AssetManager object to get an InputStream on an asset.


To repair one of my comments below, the URL syntax for assets is file:///android_asset/... (note: three slashes).

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