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MySQL Question

mysqlworkbench giving version error on exporting database

When I try to export my database through mysqlworkbench remotely from localserver,

I am getting some below version error.

mysqldump Version Mismatch [Content] mysqldump.exe is version 5.5.16, but the MySQL Server to be dumped has version 5.6.10-log. Because the version of mysqldump is older than the server, some features may not be backed up properly. It is recommended you upgrade your local MySQL client programs, including mysqldump to a version equal to or newer than that of the target server. The path to the dump tool must then be set in Preferences -> Administrator -> Path to mysqldump Tool

I am trying to find solution, I searched for solution on google but couldn't find any good answer to solve the issue.

Does anyone know, how to fix this issue in mysqlworkbench?

Answer Source

Vai até Edit - Preferences - Administrator - Path to Mysqldumptool: (procure o mysqldump.exe na pasta MysqlServer clique nele e de ok), após isso tente fazer o backup.

Go to Edit - Preferences - Administrator - Path to Mysqldumptool: (look for file mysqldump.exe in your MySQL Server instalation folder (it could be: mysql/bin/) then click it and ok), after that try to do the backup.

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