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How do I auto update SALES STATUS for wp e-commerce plugin?

I am using the Bitpay merchant plugin inside the wp e-commerce plugin (for my Bitcoin store - to sell downloadable products ONLY and it is working fine...

I am not using any other payment gateways like Paypal or Google Checkout.

The only problem I have is that once a payment has successfully gone through, the user is then sent through to the transactions_results/sessionid page and it says that the payment is pending... WHY?

In the CMS, the transaction appears with a Sales Status of 'INCOMPLETE SALE'. When I manually change this to 'ACCEPTED PAYMENT', everything works fine... the email gets sent and the downloadable products appear in the YOUR DOWNLOADS section of the YOUR ACCOUNT page.

So I guess my question is, how can I have the SALE STATUS of 'INCOMPLETE SALE' automatically update to 'ACCEPTED PAYMENT' once checkout is complete with out me having to do this manually????

Answer Source

I resolved this issue by simple changing the HTTP protocol to HTTPS in wordpress...

To do this, go to DASHBOARD > > SETTINGS > > GENERAL > >

Change both the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) from HTTP to HTTPS

This will allow Bitpay to successfully interact with your sites NotificationURL

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