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Java Question

How a Web Application works?

I am new to this web application thing and I have just started creating a

web application
using JSP for my implant training but I am very much tangled with these questions in my head.

  1. Do the computers in the client side need java installed for utilizing my web application because I am using JSP ?

  2. How will the computers access my web application after I host it in the server?

  3. What is the procedure to host the application in the server.

I am developing my web application in Netbeans IDE and the server is Tomcat but everything is in my personal computer, very soon I will have to deploy it in actual server and how should I make my web application a stand alone application ( To work without NetBeans IDE ).

Answer Source
  1. No, client only need a web browser.

  2. Client can call your server IP address ( or call its domain if you have setup your domain (http://yourdomain.com/app)

  3. You can run your application on any computer (Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, BSD, etc.) capable of running Java SE (Standard Edition). Tomcat runs on top of Java SE.

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