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Python Question

how do i install pip on python 3.5.2?

i downloaded python 3.5.2, i am planning on making a keylogger i need to install pyhook and pywin but i dont know how. every body recommends me to install it by pip but i dont seem to have that module. i open up the idle and import pip, but it gives me the error message saying i dont have that module installed even though people say pip comes with versions 3.4+.. where and how do i install this pip module? i am on a windows ver. 10, 64 bits, python 3.5. any help is aprecciated.. i am new by the way go easy on me..

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You need to make sure the pip executable is in your %PATH% variable. For me, the pip executable is located in the Scripts directory of my Python installation. That turned out to be C:\Python34\Scripts. So you should find out where this location is for you and then add it to your path variable.

Useful SO answer.

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