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How to Handle multiple Ajax call calling same function?

Hi have 4 directives on the page, all directive require list of user.
User List is stored in database which require hhtp request.
As 4 directive are on the page at same time so 4 different ajax call has been sent to server for similar response.

And then the response is getting cached.

What can be done that all 4 directive recieves its user list and only one ajax is sended to server.

Code Inside Directive(self is this) (ajaxCallService is service)

ajaxCallService.getUser(function(response) {
self.users = response;
//Next operations

ajaxCallService Service

var userList = []

if (!userList.length) {
url: #,
function(response) {
userList = response.allMembers;
callback && callback(userList);
callback && callback(userList);

How can i prevent 4 ajax calls and only make 1 call and let other 3 wait for the response and pass response back?

Answer Source

You can use promises for this, to see if it is already running. Because services are singletons in angular, you know it is always a shared instance:

var userList = [];
var promise;

function getUser() {
    // inject the $q service
    var deferred = $q.defer();

    if (userList.length) {
        // already got data, immediately resolve that one

    if (promise) {
        // a promise is already working on it, return this one
        return promise;
    } else {
        $http.post(...).success(function(response) {
            userList = response;

    // if this point is reached, this is the first call
    // assign the promise so other calls can know this one is working on it
    promise = deferred.promise;
    return promise;
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