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Python - Reading and Writing Structured Binary Files

Currently I'm trying to manipulate a kind of binary file,
which structure is like this:

FileHeader + [SectionHeader + Binary(1D-array)] * NumSetions

After searching on the internet, I came up with the following code to read it:

import numpy as np

# Always BIG Endian
#file_header bytes: 12
file_header_dtype = np.dtype([
('nsection', '>i4'), # number of sections
('nsample', '>i4'), # number of samples for each section
('dt', '>f4'), # sampling rate

#section_header bytes: 28
section_header_dtype = np.dtype([
('rec', '>i4'), # record number
('x', '>f8'), # x, in meter
('y', '>f8'), # y, in meter
('z', '>f8'), # z, in meter

def dtype_section(nt):
return np.dtype(section_header_dtype.descr + [('binary', ('>f4',nt))])

def read_file_header(_file):
with open(_file, 'rb') as f:
file_header = np.fromstring(, dtype=file_header_dtype)
return file_header

def readFile(filename):
raw = open(filename, 'rb')
file_header = np.fromstring(, dtype=file_header_dtype)
nt = file_header['nsample'][0]
dtype_file_sections = dtype_section(nt)
data = np.fromstring(, dtype=dtype_file_sections)
return (file_header, data)

With this way, I can easily call the header-striped binary part and perform
or anything else.

data = readFile('site1.bin')
data_arr = data[1]['binary']

The problem is, I cannot find a way to output the data while maintaining same data structure

only works for one array per time

would cause IOError

IOError: cannot write object arrays to a file in binary mode

I'm pretty new to Python and I'm not sure if I made any mistake.
Or should I consider another way to read this kind of file, rather than using
Please help me.

Answer Source

The straightforward way would be to simply write to a binary file:

with open('test','wb') as f:
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