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My device isn't getting detected in android studio (driver issue)

The problem: My device isn't getting detected in android studio

The solution: Install the correct usb drivers

The problem that arises to the solution: I am not able to...and here are the details:

I have recently system wiped my computer due to slowness. This brings me back to the tedious task of setting up my computer for Android Studio. I have tried everything to get the USB drivers to work in android studio, but for some reason, I can't update my USB driver:
enter image description here

Now, here is the annoying screen that always pops up when trying to update my usb driver:

enter image description here

My usb driver is installed:

enter image description here

This is pretty pathetic. I have tried everything. I even tried to go into my computers bios and disable Intel xHCI. I remember when I first started android, I had this same problem, and the solution was to do something in the computer's bios, but the problem still persists.

By the way, I have done lots of research on this topic, and this is a code 28, which means it doesn't have the correct drivers:

enter image description here

I have been on this for 3 hours now (3 HOURS!) and would really appreciate any help. How can I get my phone recognized on my windows 8 laptop? I have done it before, so I know my phone is compatible.

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First make sure that you have virtualization on in the bios. This was a big issue for me last time... It can be called VT-x.

Next, make sure you have done what I have done in my question.

What I forgot to do was install the android_winusb file in the usb_driver folder. The path should be sdk\extras\google\usb_driver. In my case, C:\Users\Ruchir\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\extras\google\usb_driver

After doing that, go back to device manager and go to the install as path. At the bottom of that should be another option:

Let me pick from a list of devices on my computer

Select your android phone, it shouldn't have a yellow explamation point over it any more. After that, select composite ADB Interface. THATS IT.

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