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C# Question

How to request administrator permissions when the program starts?

I need my software to be able to run as administrator on Windows Vista (if someone runs it without administrative permissions, it will crash).

When launching other software, I've seen a prompt by the system like "this software will run as administrator. do you want to continue?" when the app was trying to acquire administrative privileges.

How do I request administrative privileges when running an c# app on Windows Vista?

Answer Source

Add the following to your manifest file:

<requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator" uiAccess="false" />

You can also use highestAvailable for the level.

Look here about embedding manifest files:

PS: If you don't have a manifest file, you can easily add a new one:

In Visual Studio, right click project -> Add Item -> Choose Application Manifest File ( under General for Visual C# items)

The added file will already have the above part, just change the level to requireAdministrator from asInvoker

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