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How to cancel Future in Scala?

Java Future has

method, which can interrupt the thread, which runs the
task. For example, if I wrap an interruptible blocking call in a
Java Future
I can interrupt it later.

Scala Future provides no
method. Suppose I wrap an interruptible blocking call in a
Scala Future
. How can I interrupt it?

Answer Source

This is not yet a part of the Futures API, but may be added as an extension in the future.

As a workaround, you could use the firstCompletedOf to wrap 2 futures - the future you want to cancel and a future that comes from a custom Promise. You could then cancel the thus created future by failing the promise:

def cancellable[T](f: Future[T])(customCode: => Unit): (() => Unit, Future[T]) = {
  val p = Promise[T]
  val first = Future firstCompletedOf Seq(p.future, f)
  val cancellation: () => Unit = {
    () =>
      first onFailure { case e => customCode}
      p failure new Exception
  (cancellation, first)

Now you can call this on any future to obtain a "cancellable wrapper". Example use-case:

val f = callReturningAFuture()
val (cancel, f1) = cancellable(f) {

// somewhere else in code
if (condition) cancel() else println(Await.result(f1))


For a detailed discussion on cancellation, see Chapter 4 in the Learning concurrent programming in Scala book.

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