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merging two objects in C#

I have an object model MyObject with various properties. At one point, I have two instances of these MyObject: instance A and instance B. I'd like to copy and replace the properties in instance A with those of instance B if instance B has non-null values.

If I only had 1 class with 3 properties, no problem, I could easily hard code it (which is what I started doing). But I actually have 12 different object models with about 10 properties each.

What's good way to do this?

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Update Use AutoMapper instead if you need to invoke this method a lot. Automapper builds dynamic methods using Reflection.Emit and will be much faster than reflection.'

You could copy the values of the properties using reflection:

    public void CopyValues<T>(T target, T source)
        Type t = typeof(T);

        var properties = t.GetProperties().Where(prop => prop.CanRead && prop.CanWrite);

        foreach (var prop in properties)
            var value = prop.GetValue(source, null);
            if (value != null)
                 prop.SetValue(target, value, null);

I've made it generic to ensure type safety. If you want to include private properties you should use an override of Type.GetProperties(), specifying binding flags.